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Mechatron VR

Virtual Reality Action Ride

Experience the future with the Mechatron VR ride, a virtual reality experience that combines a mechatronic, motion platform with mobile VR headsets, taking audiences on a thrilling ride.

Ride Description

Six seater mechatronic platform ride with mobile VR headsets and external sound system. Age appropriate for 8+ and a great family friendly experience.


Our current content package, “Extraordinaary Places”, runs for approximately 7 minutes, and includes a futuristic dystopian city, spaceship, ocean depths, and eco-city of the future. Future content packs will include “Inner Space” (the human body) and “Outer Space” (the solar system, Mars) and Ghost Train rides.


Ride (platform + seats) dimensions: 1600mm (W) x 1680mm (L) x 1880mm (H)


Minimum space requirements (include safety zones and steps): 4000mm (W) x 5000mm (L) x 3500mm (H)


Weight: 750kg


Power: 240V (Australian standard mains power)

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